This page contains all of the drawings, documentation and spreadsheets that were used to build the Super2. Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are the file formats used. The majority of the drawings are 'B' sized, that is 11" X 17". They can be printed at smaller size for reference, but the template drawings will need to be printed "B" size if they are to be used as actual size templates. Some of the larger parts use tiled drawings. These requires several 'B' sized drawings taped together to get a full sized template. The files are organized by the manual chapter that they are refrenced in. To download a file, right click on the filename and select 'Save as'.

Chapter 2 - Fabricating the Tail

Chapter 3 - Fuselage

Chapter 4 - Installing the Tail

Section 1 - Bonding Tail to the Fuselage

Section 2 - Elevator

Section 3 - Rudder

Chapter 7 - Wing

Chapter 9 - Finishing the Fuselage

Chapter 10 - Finishing the Wing