This section contains photos of fellow builders progress as well as links to other Super2 builder with web sites.

This section contains links to sources for material used in the KRSuper2 as well as a few of general interst.


Primary Sources for Aircraft Components:

Canopy - The canopy is a custom job created for the Super2 by Todd's Canopies. The same canopy is used for both the forward tilting option and the gull wing option. Ask for the "Super2 Canopy"

Pultruded Carbon Fiber for the Wing Spar - The material used to create the spar caps is obtained from the following source:

  • Jim Marske
  • Marske Aircraft Corporation
  • 975 Loire Valley Drive
  • Marion Ohio
  • (740) 389-3776
  • order 400 feet of the .070 X.437 solid rectangle

Nose Gear - The nose gear is a heavy duty version of the one developed for the KR2S by Dan Diehl. Be sure to ask for the Corvair version for the Super2.

Nose Wheel and Tire:

  • Use Azusa 5" wheel ACS 1144
  • 3.40 X 3 X 5 Carlisle Tire (narrow 5" wheel ) ACS 06-00711
  • Available from Great Plains or Aircraft Spruce

Antenna Kit:

RST Engineering - This kit provides all the material to fabricate the antennas in the KRSuper2

Good Source for Foam and composite supplies:

Corvair Flight Engine Conversion Parts:

Construction Examples